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    Mustashfa Health Centre
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    Mustashfa Health Centre

Welcome to Mustashfa Health Centre

As old as civilizations rooted, diseases and their cures have existed. From Greek mythology to Arab and Chinese scriptures, alternative methods of treatment such as Cupping, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reflexology and Massage have been documented. At Mustashfa, we revive that ancient care to extend better cure to various illnesses that today's medicine cannot provide. From chronic diseases, including hypertension and diabetes, to money depleting conditions such as infertility and cellulitis, as well as stress induced conditions such as neck pain, stiff muscles, back pain, fatigue, migraines, eye strain, wrinkles, ageing, and many more, Mustashfa targets to ensure permanent reliefs with virtually painless, minimally invasive, nil side effects and easy techniques. We welcome you to our health centre and dump all your physical and emotional complaints in our waste bins and walk home healthy and fresh.

Mustashfa Provides

» Drugless
» Sterile techniques
» Short duration walk in procedures

» Virtually painless
» No side effects
» Minimally invasive

» Separate treatment room for women
» Permanent solutions

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