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We are the leading training providers for professionally accredited training in the field of Cupping Therapy Techniques in INDIA. we have been providing the highest quality of clinically accredited educational services



Are you someone who is fascinated with the human body, hold a strong passion and interest in natural health and love to help and care for other people? If the answer is a yes, then a new career as a Cupping practitioner may be the key to helping you gain freedom and flexibility in your work, while providing you the motivation and job satisfaction to be able to love what you do everyday. 

The team of practitioners who teach at our clinic have the capacity to help you become competent and safe, not just in the practice of hijama (cupping)  but also in the management of people’s health conditions by teaching you all there is to know about how the human body functions and how to influence it out of disease states and into natural healthy and optimised functionality

Our program explores aspects of clinical science that are essential to the development of a competent practitioner. The curriculum starts with a detailed look into the philosophy of medicine and its foundational premises, contrasting health beliefs from both the conventional and traditional perspectives. Students explore the science of human physiology as well as looking at aspects of health optimisation and wellness which provide a completely different view point to conventional clinical education that typically focus only on sickness and disease. A detailed study of human biology is conducted from studying the individual cell all the way to understanding how it orchestrates itself in the injured, healing and restorative phases of tissue regeneration, inflammation and chronic inflammation. The study delves into aspects of behavioural science analysing social, psychological and biological factors influencing clinical care in order to better the student's abilities to maximising outcomes. The practitioners-to-be will learn how to conduct and interpret the foundational examination methods of clinical practice known as vital signs and will be taught the intricate details of tissue physiology from the very basics up to the most advanced academic levels. Students study the importance of understanding the nervous system and how it operates in both the sympathetic and para-sympathetic states to allow them the ability to understand patterns of physiological behaviours essential to deciphering the more complex patient presentations. The importance of nutrition, digestion, elimination, breathing, movement and meditation are all emphasised as part of this holistic but scientific grounded program which also looks into the scientific and evidence base of cupping therapy to allow practitioner to have an understanding of not just how to apply cupping techniques but also why to apply them.

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This course is open to all backgrounds and abilities. As long as you are committed to study we welcome you on the course. We do not have entry requirements, as long as you are able to study the content provided and pass your assessments we are happy for you to join us. The study goes from the very basics up to complex levels of study. Although a background in health sciences is advantageous the course provides you all that you need to know.